Break Yo Back

by Tamara Bubble

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Clean Version


by Tamara Bubble

Freestyling in the bar for the comp tonight
Red booties, no bra, no comp tonight
Black dress, no draws, bet the girl’s aight
I’m about to go in, watch your mans be like

Yoooo, you got beat
by a girl in a see-through
Just bodied the cypher
Used the same beat we do

I aint know she rap
Thought she was singing a song too
I aint know she act
Thought she was feeling me, who you?

See I’m a pretty girl
BK city girl
Spent a little time in the South
I grew the titties there

Been had the hips and the bubble
Mama gave me that
Been tryna stay outta trouble
But mama gave me crack

You see the lips
When I spit with the quickness
But nah the lips
Between my hips are ridiculous

The thickness is toxic
The body is nice
Mean style, mean face
And the box is tight

Roll with the punchlines
Yeah I know how to fight
Turn it over to you boys
Cause I’m done with the mic

Some of you boys are scared
Won’t come to the mic
I chew you up, blow the bubble
Leave the gum on the mic

Some of you boys are weird
You be tonguing the mic
The rest of you boys are straight
But the money aint right

Even your girl be falling for me
Hoping I might
Pick up the phone
Nah mami call it a night

Yeah, I said
Clap to this
If you feeling like a villain
Rap to this
KrazyFigz on the beat
Clap to this

Pump your fist, move your feet
Break Yo Back to this

Break Yo Back to this
Break Yo Back to this
Break Yo Back to this
Break Yo, Break Yo, Break Yo, Break Yo, Break Yo

Hey, I want to see you, everybody
If you feel it, move your body
Throw your hands up, it’s a party
Party, party

Ayo, How I got beef with you?
When you aint even got bread
N*gga I can’t even eat from you

I don’t need a rap beat for you
Cause I could rock it on a techno
And still be more lyrical

That aint hip hop
But you aint on dude
You still an amateur
Stop playing with Pro tools

Be all on YouTube
Spamming for views
And then you do an open mic
And try to call it a show dude?

This aint Facebook n*gga
We don’t like you
We aint your fans
We aint paying to see you
Aint tryna be you

Say you on the block
But n*gga we don’t see you
Say the chain real
N*gga we don’t believe you

Say the rhymes ill
They be making me sick too
You think the flow tight
Then I know you got loose screws

Forget a freestyle
N*gga you need to write
You could fake it till you make it
But you got to be nice

How I’m a swagga jack
And I don’t like your swagger jack
Seen you tryna holla
Notice I don’t holla back

Follow all of my tweets
Notice I don’t follow back
Never mind your copyrights
N*gga you’s a copycat

10-4, did you copy that homie
Pay attention
I don't pay for mentions
roger that formula

I rock extensions
All the way to the top
Matter of fact
The bubble bout to make your spinal cord pop


Cause I’m a slow down
I’m a talk soft
See your cheeks red
Get the blush off

Don’t be shy now
Cause I’m from up north
Go head, pull your pants down
Get your rocks off

Or you could throw stones
You could show hate
Probably mad at me
Cause we aint never date

Never collaborate
Cause I heard you like to grab
You like a crab in a bucket
Let it marinate




released February 21, 2016
Written by TamaraBubble
Produced by KrazyFigz


all rights reserved



Tamara Bubble Brooklyn, New York

Picture the ultimate blend of Pop, Jazz, Hip Hip, Dance, R&B and Soul. Music that defies genre. Delivered with raw emotion and heartfelt lyrics, Tamara Bubble creates hits that will be around for years to come.

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