Cut The Check

by Tamara Bubble

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by Tamara Bubble

Ayo Malone
This beat’s too big for me (haaaa)
I’m being modest,
But to be honest
Streets talk and they was saying
You was holding out
Waiting for the hottest

Emcee and femcee there is
Lyrically I empty the clip
And go off, blow up, bubble on deck
Cuz I, show my, flow off, I’m reckless with it

I spit bars while you ish bricks
A&Rs discard you best hit
I take charge with bad credit
Cuz yo favorite star’s a dim wit

Well I’m a music problem
And a fashion icon
But I don’t rock name brands
Unless it’s my name and

All you hungry artists
Gon have to keep starving ...

Till I put you on
Who want a feature?
Be the worst move ever
To get bodied by a girl on ya beat brah

You could be rich
Just cut the check

You could be rich
Just cut the check

How you gon teach me how to flow
When I bleed every month
Straight shooter, no weed
Cuz I’m blunt
Pink lips, nice teeth from the jump
And with a name like bubble
Best believe I got a bump

So I could stunt in a Honda
While you front in a Audi
Til the repo man show up
With the tow truck
Sup my nigga, be outtie

Please! nigga, you ain’t no pimp
Just a pedophile on steroids
With your profile status
From your android

Posting that
Boy toys mean little boys
Put on my boy shorts
But not for little boys

It’s for your little man
Unless he little, then nevermind
Just another greasy slime
That couldn’t get it up
With his little hands


(adlib talking)

By the way,
I don’t name drop
I lame drop
Like your label did
When that album flopped

Like them groupies did
When you thought you was popping
Can’t believe you thought you was hot then
Now or never

Homie it’s now or nevermind
I could write your raps for you
There’s not a better time
Obviously you can’t press rewind?

Yoooo have you checked out your hairline
(haa) you shoulda been cut them braids
No nigga I ain’t on Myspace
Go figure prolly a fake dealer

Funny looking milli vanilli
looking nigga
Funny I could tell you was felling me
From the ceiling

Head to toe
Blow for blow
Rhymes and more
I got bars for days
Cash, check, credit
Just gotta get paid


(Adlib, singing)

Ayo I could keep going if you want me to P
Nah I’m only gon give him three verses.
He ain’t pay for more than that


released February 20, 2016
Written by TamaraBubble
Produced by DJ Malone



all rights reserved


Tamara Bubble Brooklyn, New York

Picture the ultimate blend of Pop, Jazz, Hip Hip, Dance, R&B and Soul. Music that defies genre. Delivered with raw emotion and heartfelt lyrics, Tamara Bubble creates hits that will be around for years to come.

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