Jailbreak (Home)

by Tamara Bubble

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by Tamara Bubble

Who's gonna teach your baby how to read and write
When you got life
Who's gonna show your baby how to protect themselves
When you get three strikes

Whose gonna teach your baby
Show him to grow and be a man
How you gon teach your baby from the slammer
With no freedom

How you gon say 'Happy Birthday' baby
From miles away
And just who you think coming to see you
Every single day

Whose gonna please your lady friend
When you can't stay out the can
It's gonna be hard tryna get a job
With a record on your hands, so ...

Baby I need you, Baby I need you home
Baby I need you, Baby I need you home
Baby I need you, Baby I need you, need you
Baby I need you, Baby I need you home (baby baby I need you home)

Who's gonna be your lawyer baby
When the free ones given are lame
Who's gonna be your doctor
Who's gonna bring you pain

They gon try to take your manhood away
have you ever heard of a shank
I hope that you hear me baby
I hope that you'll think again

Think of who you leaving behind baby
When you standing in front of the judge
Think of all that wasted time
When you spend those years behind bars

Think of the video games you could be playing
If you were home resting
And the reason I'm telling you this
Is simply because (simply because)



(scat medley)



released February 20, 2016
Written by TamaraBubble
Produced by KrazyFigz



all rights reserved


Tamara Bubble Brooklyn, New York

Picture the ultimate blend of Pop, Jazz, Hip Hip, Dance, R&B and Soul. Music that defies genre. Delivered with raw emotion and heartfelt lyrics, Tamara Bubble creates hits that will be around for years to come.

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