Moment of Silence

by Tamara Bubble

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Yo, bow ya heads
Let's have moment of silence
Rest in peace to all you
sweet niggas promoting violence

Rest in peace to all you
Geek niggas claiming you street
Since when u been a stick up kid
All you stealing is beats

You must be kidding and musty really
You bus pass having
Pretending you busting and clapping
Tear tatted for fashion, nigga

Wanting street cred
But be free lunch in these streets
Brooklyn'll eat a herb nigga
And it's a bunch of you freaks

I curve on all u fakes (scrrrrt)
Now let's get to the real
It's a shame you still strapping
and trapping and packing the jails

Leaving your kids helpless
Like some skeet in a bird's curls
Too selfish to pull out
You're a worm in a bird's world

But u pull out ya cellphone
For selfies
Aint u a grown man homie
All that posing ain't healthy

I tour cuz my bars
Ain't got no flaws
Like your girl ain't got no walls
But yet you brag that you go raw

Sad you claim she bad my nigga
Cuz when you
Pissing maggots
It's gon be your fault

Heard you only a couple inches
counting both balls
Your bank account and your
condoms struggle, nigga they both small

And nah
This ain't conscious music
But if you got a conscience
Tell your brain to use it

You don't want it with the bubble
Got the bars to prove it
Niggas claiming they winning
Be some straight up losers, deuces


released February 21, 2016
Written by TamaraBubble
Produced by Chris Prythm



all rights reserved


Tamara Bubble Brooklyn, New York

Picture the ultimate blend of Pop, Jazz, Hip Hip, Dance, R&B and Soul. Music that defies genre. Delivered with raw emotion and heartfelt lyrics, Tamara Bubble creates hits that will be around for years to come.

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