Team Dookie

by Tamara Bubble

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What up Team Dookie!
Sending trash to the DJs
Think I heard you in the mix
Your Wiki-wack is on replay

Matter of fact the DJ should've
scratched your whole joint
Got niggas scratching they head
Like how much bread?

I heard he wiped your bank account
He tried to break you nigga
Cuz now he gotta turn around
And try to break you nigga

He on the ground
That DJ praying for a breakthrough nigga
And ya city ain't on your back
If they hoping you skip town

Straight truth, I'm proof
They ain't feeling you pudding
They say the proof is in pudding
And to prove it

I'm a put an end to you
Begin with interviews
Body ya style with diamond hits
And murder your whole Inc.
Like 50 did with Ja Rule

Keep scratching ya head
Baby is that lice?
Hate to break it ya moms
You need more than that old spice

To make a man out of you
When I'm sonning you on this song
Go home, boy bye, be out
Back to house nigga
Nevermind your light skin
You already a house nigga

Let your little sis
Beat you on that video game
And then go to your room
Beat off to my video, lame
I ain't even give him Jazz
And he already came

OUTRO - Jazz
[scat medley]


released February 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Tamara Bubble Brooklyn, New York

Picture the ultimate blend of Pop, Jazz, Hip Hip, Dance, R&B and Soul. Music that defies genre. Delivered with raw emotion and heartfelt lyrics, Tamara Bubble creates hits that will be around for years to come.

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