Towel Boy

by Tamara Bubble

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by Tamara Bubble

Mmmm you be dressing sharp
In that (in that) birthday suit
Hope you brought a rubber blazer
Cuz I got on rain boots

And Vicky secret
I let her tell you
Ain’t gotta pull her to the side
Cuz we edible (shhh)

Dinner’s ready
Welcome back
Say hello kitty
Cuz I’m a wild cat (rowr)

And the only thing playing
Is that music
In the background
Know you want me face down

With the (with the) bubble up
Yuuup, that bubble soft

See you undressing with your eyes

But my clothes are off

Fresh out of towels
But I’m into noise
If you good at arousal
You could be my towel boy

Dripping wet
When I step up out the shower
Soaking wet
Baby you could be my towel boy

(ummm) Soaking wet
Can’t wait for you to dry me
You see me dripping dripping
Wrap me in your towel please

A shower feign
Be feeling kinda dirty
Morning love
I know it’s kinda early

You want food first
Breakfast in bed
Rinse your mouth, wet your face
Use the shower head (dripping wet)

Water’s running
I feel the steam homie
No water fights
Splashing only

Hit every spot
Promise I won’t get upset
Go ahead and get my curls messy
Get that doobie wet

Sweet as candy
Baby I’m licorice
Start with the toes
And follow the drip



Dripping wet (ooh)
Soaking wet
Baby you could me my towel, my towel
My towel boy


(adlib to end)


released February 20, 2016
Written by TamaraBubble
Produced by KrazyFigz



all rights reserved


Tamara Bubble Brooklyn, New York

Picture the ultimate blend of Pop, Jazz, Hip Hip, Dance, R&B and Soul. Music that defies genre. Delivered with raw emotion and heartfelt lyrics, Tamara Bubble creates hits that will be around for years to come.

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